Hi, I’m Rob Reid. Believer. Entrepreneur. Teacher.

Welcome to my masterpiece of a blog! For those that are new here, allow me to introduce myself humbly.

My name is Rob Reid and I have what scientists call the knack for solving problems.

Every single day, every conversation, and every observation, I am always wondering how to solve problems so that I can become my best self, and live my best purpose-driven life, to serve society, proficiently (of course, just kidding)….

All while blazing a course for my life like a rocket scientist.

Here are some not-so-fun facts about me.

  • I’m the author of a few books: Amazon Author Page
  • Since I became ill with chronic fatigue, I started to challenge myself to make YouTube videos on topics to keep myself inspired and motivated, with my mind sharp and busy.
  • Maybe someday I will work for NASA as a quality problem-solving scientist – and solve a “universal” problem (pun intended).

But enough about me and my aspirations, let’s talk about YOU!

This blog is designed to help take a newbie or novice at problem-solving and make you a practical problem-solver.

  • You can either read the step-by-step here.
  • Or you can watch the video here.

Hope that helps. Your friend and wellness well-wisher.

Rob Reid

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THANKS! Talk to you soon!